This section goes into the methodology of the claim function and the role that DispenseFinance plays in changing the DeFi landscape from punted tokens into cash-generating tokens.
DispenseFinance is a fork of SecuredMoonrat. There are a number of similar projects and we have amended our token characteristics based on factors we believe to be crucial to success.
The DispenseFinance team believes that the primary focus of the token is to grow the community and number of investors. As such, we have amended our claim time to be 23 hours. The implication is that users can claim their BNB every 23 hours.

Why 23 hours?

Simply put, we believe that users claiming BNB every 23 hours keeps DispenseFinance front of mind. This creates a psychological reaction that draws users back everyday, and may therefore be more likely to share this project with other users.
We decided on 23 hours because we wanted to give investors the leeway to be able to claim every day with a 1 hour leeway, allowing them to not eventually miss an entire cycle if the claim was 24 hours.